University of Houston
  • A rich history of this university.
  • The third largest university in Texas with more than 44,00 students.
  • Bernard Harris the African American who made to walk in space, the alumni of the university.


The journey started from a Houston Junior college on March 7, 1927. The trustees of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) board of education passed a resolution without any plan. The reason for the resolution was to authorize the founding and operating of a junior college. It was operated and administrated by the HISD.

The college later becomes eligible to continue its future with a university in October 1933. The decision becomes possible when the governor of Texas, Miriam A. Ferguson, signed a house bill 194 to law.

On April 30, 1934, HISD board adopted this resolution and for making the college to a four-year institution and the name changed from Houston junior college to the University of Houston.

The first session of its four-year institution began on the 4th of July, 1934, and there were a total of 682 students who get enrolled.

In 1934, the first campus for the University of Houston was established at the Second Baptist Church at Milam and McGowen.

There is a lot of information about its history available for the readers.

University Facts

It is the third largest University in Texas with around 44,000 students. The campus covers 667 acres of land in southeast Houston.

The university has one of the largest public art collections in the country. The first African American who was able to walk in space was a UH alumni, Bernard Harris.

The institute conducts $150 million annually in research and is also operating more than 40 research centers and institutes on campus.

There are more than 43,500 students, more than 2,600 faculty members available in the university.

According to the U.S News and World Report,

It is at the 171 positions for the best national universities, 148th position in a high school counselor rankings and 5th position for the best online Graduate education program.

According to THE World University Rankings, the university is in between 301 to 350 world best university rankings for 2019, and at 396th position for the best university in the United States.

University Admissions

The university is offering more than 280 Degree programs in 14 academic colleges. The programs lead to professional degrees including architecture, Law, Optometry, and pharmacy.

The university is also providing the scholarships, grants, loans, work-study, and financial incentives for the upcoming students who couldn’t afford the expenses of education.

Notable Alumni