keiser university
  • Third largest non-profit university.
  • 18 different campuses of this university.
  • Amazing rankings of this university.


Arthur Keiser and his mother Evelyn, created a career college with the name of Keiser School in Fort Lauderdale, in 1977.

The aim of establishing this institute was to prepare all the students for jobs in Florida’s growing business, and healthcare communities.

After the addition of paralegal and computer programs in 1982, the school renamed to Keiser Institute of Technology.

After the inclusion of Associate degrees, in 1986, it became Keiser College. The Bachelor’s program was started in 2001, after five years ago, they changed the name and became the Keiser University.

In 2010, the attorney general of Florida started an investigation of Keiser University and all other for-profit school based in the state.

The university changed its policy for-profit to a non-profit when the owner Arthur Keiser sold the institution, in 2011.

In 2015, another 100-acre campus was established to the West Palm Beach.

University Facts

Over the past 40 years of time, the university has become the third largest, not-for-profit university providing/ed the services to approximately 20,000 students, 3,800 employees, and over 66,000 alumni.

The university has a campus in 18 of Florida’s major and mid-sized metropolitan areas/Florida communities.

The university is accredited with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission to award the certificates and degrees at a different level.

There are more than 100 students who are studying doctoral, specialist, masters, Bachelors and associated fields.

The university campuses are also providing good services for the statewide economic impact of over $3billion and directly and indirectly impact over 30,000 Florida jobs.

According to the U.S news and world report, the university is at the 38th position for the best colleges for veterans, and 56th position for regional university south in 2018-2019.

Around $44 million are awarded in scholarship funds to academic and all the need-based students.


They are providing the Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and Graduate Degrees in Accounting, Business, Chiropractic, Cinematic Arts, Criminal Justice, Culinary, Education, Fire Science, General Studies, Health Care, Information Technology, Nursing, Psychology, and Sports Management.

Besides that, they are providing federal financial aid programs. Please keep one thing in your mind that for federal financial aid program you have to be a citizen or permanent residents of the U.S.

There are some other facilities also available for the students included different Scholarships program.

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