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It was first founded in 1836, in Oxford Georgia, as Emory college by the Methodist Episcopal Church. The college was named in honor of the departed Methodist bishop John Emory.

Because, he dreamed of an American education center that molded character, as well as the mind.

In 1861, the American civil war begins and the college has closed. When the war came to Georgia, in 1863, Emory college was used as a hospital, and later as a headquarter for the union army.

There were 35 Emory students who lost their lives, and also the campus was destroyed during the war.

Emory College also faced a financial struggle after the war. In 1880, the president of the college Atticus Greene Haygood presented a speech for the end of slavery in the United States, his speech captured the attention of George I. Seney, he was a New York banker.

The banker gave Emory College $5,000 to repay its debts, $50,000 for construction, and $75,000 to establish a new endowment.

The university hence again stands on its feet and achieved so much through it its journey.

University Facts

The campus is near to the Emory University Hospital, Michael C. Carlos Museum, which has the largest collection of ancient artifacts in the southeastern United States.

The average GPA in the university is 3.72, with this GPA the university requires you to be above average in your high school class.

The university was used as a hospital and union army headquarters in 1863. There were also some parts of the university building destroyed in the war.

Emory University first International student was Yun Chi-ho, graduated in 1893. Yun became an important political activist in Korea, and he is the author of “Aeguka”, it’s a national anthem of the Republic of Korea.

$5.6 Billion was the annual operating budget of (2018-2019). There were a total of 4,921 degrees awarded to the students in (2017-2018) that include undergraduate, Graduate.

According to the U.S news and world report, it is at the 21st place in national universities, 32nd place in best undergraduate teaching, and 19th place in the best value schools.

According to THE World University Rankings, it is at the 84th place as the world best university in 2019, 20th place in the United States.

According to Forbes, 43rd places in private colleges, 32nd place in research universities, and 9th place in the region.

University Admission

They are providing different undergraduate and graduate programs to the students in 9 campuses. There is also an option of a financial program and aid for the students who cannot afford and wanted to complete their graduation.

Notable Alumni

Robert W.WoodruffBobby JonesNewt GingrichFala Chen, Keri Hilson.

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