ATP flight school
  • 40 training centers in the United States.
  • Partnered with Arizona State University.
  • Largest Multi-engine training fleet in the world.

ATP Flight School

The School headquarter is in Jacksonville, Florida but it was founded in Atlanta, GA by its current management, and some pilots of the airline, in 1984.

The flight school is known as the largest flight training company in the United States. It is a private training School.

The main aim of establishing this school was to train the U.S military pilots, who were seeking for an airline transport pilot certificate, it helps them to transfer their careers to commercial air carrier operations.

The school later expanded its course offering and included ab-initio training programs for both domestic and international students, who were seeking a career in commercial aviation.

Today they are at the leading spot for producing professionally trained pilots to the nation’s regional airlines.

ATP Facts

The school is focusing mainly on airline-oriented flight training and operating their programs with a fixed-cost and timeframe.

ATP is partnered with Arizona State University, and also the flight provider for its professional Flight bachelor’s degree program.

The aircrafts used for the contract are painted in a special way that it features the Arizona University state logo as well.

It has the largest multi-engine training fleet in the world.

ATP has the hiring relationships with 21 U.S based regional airlines including ExpressJet, Skywest airlines, Mes airlines, and PSA Airlines.

There are 40 different training centers of ATP in all around the United States. There are 549 graduates hired in the last 12 months. There are 357 aircraft available in ATP.

ATP Admissions

They are offering Airline Career Pilot Program, Airline transport pilot Certificate, Air Bus A320 Type rating course 48-hour program, Aircraft Dispatcher Training Program 200 hour initial course, Airline Career Pilot program Zero Experience to an airline pilot in about two years.

Besides that, there is a financing option available online at the website of ATP for the students.

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